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HB 1966 (Daycare Reporting) as the bill violates medical privacy, promotes discrimination by encouraging child care facilities to deny enrollment to exempted children, and does nothing to provide an accurate representation of facility health.


  • Printed info out concerning this bill. Wu is presenting & wants it effective as of September 1, 2019.
    He is a Chinese born American serving the Democratic Party. I’ll watch it to see when it’s set to advance & send notice. In the meantime, please talk about it & vocalize the negatives to anyone who will listen. Print out list of TX Congressmen & Congress women with their contact information. Carry 4-5 copies with you or store them on Notes on your phone so you can copy & paste if asked. Hand out to family, neighbors, friends & strangers. Ask them to call, write or email to protest this unconstitutional bill. Fight!!! Pray!!!

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